house illustration

Have I mentioned that I have a fascination with residential architecture? Yeah, houses. No? Well, now you know!

I think it all started when I played the Sims for the first time back in the day. Making characters and playing the actual game didn’t interest me as much as building houses. I saw it as a creative outlet to design houses that I could never live in, but imagine what it would be like if I did.

This really hasn’t changed much now that I am in my twenties. I often dream about being able to own my own home one day. What colors the inside will be painted, how the interior design will be.

I really like coming up with house designs and generally like to use watercolor as my medium of choice. I’ve been playing around with makers recently though. Mind you, these are just Sharpie and Bic permanent markers (nothing extra awesome), but I kind of like how this turned out (even with all its imperfections).

House 123







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