caramel macchiato

If you’ve read my “About Me” section, or have ventured over to my Instagram, you will see that I love coffee. In particular espresso. Even more particular, caramel macchiatos. My go to drink from Starbucks is an iced caramel macchiato with toffee nut syrup (added). It’s delicious, but also expensive. Especially since I get venti’s… Continue reading caramel macchiato

fried egg & homemade hash-browns with cheese

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. Now I know some people don’t consider breakfast a meal or all that exciting really, but I absolutely love breakfast. Some of you are probably thinking, “what can you do with breakfast food? Make square pancakes instead of round ones?” Or, “Poptarts are good, but I haven’t had those since I was… Continue reading fried egg & homemade hash-browns with cheese

march favorites

It’s April, already?! I think there is truth to the saying that time speeds up as you get older. There has to be a scientific explanation for this…right?? I know I didn’t post anything for February, only because my schedule was pretty hectic and I wasn’t really using any new products to share. I personally love “favorites” posts/videos, so… Continue reading march favorites

kimchi flavored ramen with bok choy

Something that I really enjoy doing is taking simple semi-prepared items and making them a little more special. For example, this is my take on kimchi flavored ramen (serving size for one). Just an fyi, the measurements aren’t precise. When I cook I just throw a little of this and a little of that, these… Continue reading kimchi flavored ramen with bok choy