attachments review

Admittedly, I held off on completing Attachments by Rainbow Rowell due to my selfish desire to have two characters end up in a romantic relationship together. I know it’s not a legitimate reason to not finish reading a book, but I am happy to say that book two of the year is done!

Where do I even begin with this book? Let’s see…first, I adore everything about it! From the illustration (I am an art lover if you haven’t noticed), to the title, and the nerdy Easter egg jokes.

The title is very fitting and if I were to be cliche I would say “borderline genius.” Honestly though, it is genius! Not only does the word attachments reference part of the main plot that involves e-mail conversations between Beth and Jennifer, but the word is also associated with various relationships among the characters. There’s the overbearing mother who can’t quite face her son transitioning into adulthood, an engagement barely holding on by content, and the quirky friendship fully of satire and love.

I related most to Lincoln’s character just because he seems to be a textbook introvert like yours truly. The story was great, the characters are well developed, and the ending…well, you’ll just have to read for yourself!


My next review will be over Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.


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